Dance Your Roots

Developing awareness through the art of Movement

"The body is a living record

of the given life,

of the life taken,

of life hoped and healed."

( Dtt. Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

The approach

The path of body awareness is based on the three elements of:

  • Inner narrative (identity);

  • Relationship with the other (community and sisterhood);

  • Art of Movement.

It explores the concept of Grounding through the practice DYR (Dance Your Roots).

The practice aims, learning outside of our dominant culture and state of mind, to re-evaluate our bodies through movement and rediscover the body as a messenger of intuition.

Art of Movement

Recognize the narrative present ABOUT our body, what we think of it, and that present IN our body, the possible rigidities developed due to this narrative.

It can become a key to stimulating the awakening of a deep awareness and sense of acceptance.

Recognizing what has been given to us becomes a point of transformation for the rediscovery of one's individuality, growth and sense of direction of our journey.

Community and Sisterhood

In joint narration, revealing oneself to reveal, conversing about what we have been taught to hide by rediscovering oneself through the relationship with another.

Developing body awareness through the rediscovery of the concept of sisterhood, means recognizing the inherited female heritage. Body awareness is understood as listening to oneself and connecting to one's intuition.

Finally, intuition means trust in those who have proceeded and the gifts left.

Inner Narrative

Recognizing the difference between the judgment received, introjected and projected gives us the tools to regain access to our bodily heritage.

Recognize and cultivate healthy roots through the Movement principles of vibration, undulation, grounding and isolation.

Core Values

It represent the core values and the intention to be faithful to a dance practice that support:

  • Moving from (Recognizing) What We Are instead of on What We Want to Be

  • Moving to find connection instead of separation

  • Moving to deepen our being rooted

  • Moving to connect our stories to History as an act of action to the common Humanity

  • Moving because we have an ability to respond to the Call (Respons-ability)