Social change & Education

Creating a Process- An Independent Project Development

Creating a project - An individual Project Development is an approach and practical method developed for dance students that are interested in the sociological, political, cultural and anthropological background of a specific Afri Diasporic dance studies. The aim is the development of a critical and reflective essay that connects academia and movement; which places as a foundation the necessity to connect the individual story and research with the History.

The topic is approached as “alive” material in its discovery of the symbolism, the movement vocabulary connected and its physical exploration.

It is a lecture given to dance students at Irie! Dance Theatre (BA) in Diverse Dance Styles (the curriculum requires 40% of Theory). The lecture explained a practical method to develop critical and reflective essay connecting and exploring the following elements:

  • Topic chosen

  • Sociological, Political, Cultural or/and Anthropological background

  • Connected bibliography

  • Auto-Reflection-Personal story to History

  • Physical exploration

  • Symbolism

  • Movement vocabulary connected

  • Description of the abstract

Art of the Movement for Social Change

In a world of displaced humans: educators, mentors and teachers need to adapt their approach to a new era of diversity in our everyday reality. The Italian school system seems at the beginning of the conversation in how to approach a multicultural backgrounds in its students. It has became a necessity to begin from the deconstruction of potential limiting narrative that can influence the relationship between the educator and the students.

The noun Afri* is used as More Than an Africa: Africa and its Diaspora creates and has created different sub environment where people, artists and dance makers have found different way to express it. The term Afri is used as a description of this reality.

The following lecture has been given supported by the Ministry of Education, University and Research of Italy/ Marco Polo -Istituto Comprensivo di Trieste (IT) Diversity & Inclusion in Dance for teachers and ATA educators training, and explores the following elements:

  • Different from who? Until you told me

  • Other body | The importance of representation

  • Diversity and inclusion | Local and Global Panorama

  • Fragility= Difficulty=Expressivity=Necessity

  • You & Us

  • Curiosity vs Judgment

  • Not Knowing

  • Practical Exercise