Ofelia Omoyele Balogun

Movement Artist,
and Educator

2020-2021 // I-M-MIGRANT (UK) Ayzoh!

“The Being becomes a bridge between two realities.
Dance as a tool to discover yourself as infinite possibilities.”

From the intersection between vocabulary originated from the African Diaspora in the Caribbean to the world and its connection with dance theatre and contemporary techniques. From History to its consequences in contemporary society, interdisciplinary connections are found exploring diverse concepts that touch topics like intersectional identity, ancestrality and rituality.

She is developing an experimental approach called DYR (Dance Your Roots) Somatica that uses the art of movement as a tool for rediscovering the body as a messenger of intuition.

The concept of otherness, the perception of oneself and the sense of inner grounding are among its main elements.

“The responsibility to transform our inner narrative is accepted when the tools to do so are discovered. The need not to suffocate the cultural universe that is in us but instead replacing it with its acceptance and its enhancement, is an urgent element especially among those considered Body of Cultures.”

Her journey guided her to deepen her knowledge in different countries and different masters like Senegal, Cuba, South Africa, Ethiopia, Italy and UK.

2016 // Sandra Furtschegger